Friday, May 28, 2010


You know those moments when you think, 'now this is why i'm here, and this makes it all worth it.'  Well, i had one of those moments the other night when i was reading a bedtime story to Cindy.  i was reading to her about 3 little cats, and she was half closing her eyes and trying to fall asleep (although how could she with such an exciting story about 3 cats?!), and she wrapped her arms tightly around my arm and told me that she never wanted me to leave her side.  She wanted me to stay with her forever.
Now you have to understand that Cindy is one of our girls who, for years she despised physical touch and would never say "i love you" to anyone.  When they first got her from Cite Soleil after we found out her parents wanted to throw her away, she would bite and scratch anyone who tried to show her love.  All of the people that worked with her would just continue to hold her even though she continued to resist being held.  Now, she is a walking miracle.  And it's all because of what Christ has done in her life.  She is now one of the most cuddly children that we have (with certain people that she knows and can trust) at our home, and she has told me multiple times that she loves me, and will often now be the one to come up to me and others who live here and hug us and rub our backs!  She is such an incredible testimony of what Christ's love can do! 


  1. Dana, this is such a great post! Cindy was the one featured on the CNN documentary, right? She's such a beautiful girl! I can't wait to see in what mighty ways God is going to keep using her!!

  2. Dana,

    This is awesome. Yes, Pami, this is the girl that was featured on the CNN documentary.

    It's true that only Christ can transform a life like this. Praise God!