Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie is safe!

Thank you all for your prayers! Praise God He kept the little girl safe through the night.
Yesterday afternoon her grandma kicked her out into the dirt street with all of her belongings, including her fake birth certificate, so we quickly took her to
our orphanage to take care of her for the time being until we can find her mom.
I was so amazed by the compassion that our orphan girls had for her. They quickly took her into their orphanage, bathed her, clothed her, and fed her. Her name is Julie, she is only 5 years old, and such a beautiful child.
Soon after that, I saw that her cousin was also trying to escape the grandma, but she was locked inside the gate and couldn't open it for some reason. I finally saw her climb over the huge fence (i don't know how she did it because it was very high and she hadn't eaten in two days!). We quickly rescued her as well. Her name is Jacqueline and is only 11.
Both of their heads hurt from the beatings as well as other areas of their bodies. When we got them, they both had cornmeal in their hair. Their grandma would punish them if they didn't eat their cornmeal by rubbing a hair product into their scalp and proceeded to put corn meal all over their heads. Praise God they are in safety with us and are well fed, clothed, and now can see the love of Jesus demonstrated to them! They came to church with us today, and it was such a blessing to be able to hold their hands and show them what true love is! I am so thankful to God that they will be able to get to know Christ through this!
Today, the grandma was lying naked on the ground inside of her gate and had a machete in her hand, ready to kill or greatly hurt anyone (including her children) who came near her. We're unable to speak to her at this time regarding the children. Please pray for her to be restored and redeemed by the grace of God!
Thank you so much to all who are praying!


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  2. Oh, Dana! Hallelujah for God & His mighty hand in those girl's situations! Your blogs move me to tears & my heart aches for those hurting & lost people. I will continue to pray as the spirit leads & as you post the requests. He is faithful & will draw all men to Him. You're a rockstar for Christ & such an inspiration to many! Have a wonderful day.

    Fawn :)