Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Feeding Program

Children with scabies, worms, bloated tummies, head fungus, orange hair from lack of food & water; these are all normal for our 80+ children that attend our feeding program 3x a week. They are fed rice & beans, taught about the Lord, memorize Bible verses and sing worship songs. Our orphan children lead the entire program, which is such an incredible opportunity for them to serve their own community in this kind of way. Just this past month the leadership has changed, and now one of our boys, Alex, is the main leader over all of it. His dream one day is to start his own orphanage and have his own feeding program, so this is perfect for him. He is perfect for this position. His love for the Lord is so evident, he has energy to get the kids and volunteers excited, and he really loves and adores the children. We (our boys and girls included) all want to begin going on a regular basis down to their homes (photo below of their homes) and ministering to their entire families. Please be praying for this ministry, as I am overseeing it and want it to be glorifying to God in every way. I so badly want our children to be excited to work hard in serving the children, and to do their jobs well. There is some restructuring that needs to take place, so please be praying that Alex and I are able to get this going smoothly. I want to rely not on our own strength but on God's. This week I have caught myself relying on my own strength more and stressing about how to make this feeding program more organized, and it was completely draining. I want this to be completely through God and for God, nothing else.
Another prayer request is for me adjusting to living here. It's been hard. Though I know I am supposed to be here, I know God has called me here, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else, it is still hard for me. I don't feel completely home here yet (it's only been two weeks though so I can't be TOO hard on myself ;), the language barrier is frustrating for me (I'm unable to grow closer with the children and i'm unable to have much of a sense of humor yet with them), and it's just really hard to grasp that I don't have a return ticket. I don't know what God has in store for me, but I'm excited for what He's going to do. He is so faithful, and I am so blown away by His love for me and for these children. It's just been more tough than i thought (plus I'm dealing with about 35 boy and girl teenagers whose emotions are all over the place ;)

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