Friday, August 21, 2009

Demonic attacks

Today at the orphanage we were blasting worship music, and our next door neighbor came out onto the streets and began dancing for Satan with her red voodoo string to try to ward off God. She then began strangling her little granddaughter and stomping on her head and yelling "strength!" When people watched her or tried to stop her, she would throw rocks at them. Satan is trying his best to win. Some of the guys at our orphanage called the police, but the police are unable to do anything after hours without a judge if it's inside of someone's house and the gate is closed. Please be praying that that little girl does not get beaten to death tonight before her grandma is taken away tomorrow, and that this little girl will receive Christ through this experience. And please be praying for protection physically and spiritually as we're all surrounded by demonic attacks.

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  1. No No NO! Greater is HE, JESUS!


    katee grace