Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm here!!

Well i've only been here a day and a half and have already been caught in a huge lightning and thunderstorm as we were out celebrating some of the kids birthdays, so therefore, of course, we had to cram a TON of us into their truck to try to escape the rain in the dark and conquer the muddy roads before even larger potholes were formed. Though i've always loved thunderstorms, it's always sad when it happens here in Haiti because we know that many of our neighbors will not be able to sleep that night because their homes are all flooded. Please be praying for these families (many of these children are currently attending our feeding program) as they are experiencing sleepless nights and mud filled homes, and with a hurricane soon approaching, there isn't much that they're able to look forward to. Please pray that these families will cling to Christ through this time and realize how ever powerful and sufficient He is, even in the worst of times. I love you all, and thank you for your many prayers!
Above: Photo of what many homes look like in Haiti (half completed)

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