Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Preparation for Bucket Showers...

Since hot, running showers are a luxury in haiti, tasty lattes come few and far between (if ever? i've never tasted a latte in haiti...do they even know what that is?), not even McDonald's exists (except for one sketchy Dominos pizza, which didn't taste at all like the real thing. who knows what they use for their meat?), and freedom is non-existent, i'm really trying to enjoy EVERYTHING about my last week and a half here in the U.S. Though to some it may not sound too appealing to live there ;-) i am so excited to finally be going back! Whenever i step foot off the plane into Haiti, nothing feels more like home to me. It's the strangest thing, but i love it.
My Brothers & I at our family BBQ in Washington
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