Friday, November 13, 2009

"Merry Christmas!"

Singing/ twinkling Christmas lights are now my new all time favorite Christmas decoration for the season!  If some of you haven't heard them yet, you definitely need to buy yourself some.  It's a must.  When i woke up early on my 25th birthday,  my roommate Whitney (a.k.a. Zaboca) and my good friend Ariana had decorated my kitchen and living room with these lights and tinsel and this Happy birthday sign, and had made me really tasty breakfast burritos and fresh berries.  Mmmm.  As many of you know, Christmas for me starts officially in November (although Christmas music fills my room even in October), so this was the perfect way to really kick off my holiday season, and my birthday.  Though it's 500 degrees outside (okay maybe not THAT hot, but still) and 1000% humidity, it still somehow feels like the Christmas season.....  So thank you to all who made my birthday so perfect!

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