Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To Have No One

To have no family.  To have no job.  To have no one to turn to.  This is what one woman named Esta is dealing with right now who came to us yesterday with her little year and a half old girl.  They have no where to live, only random people's porches.  Her husband died in a car accident when her child was only 3 months old, leaving her with nothing.  When she came to us yesterday, she burst into tears as she was telling her story.  She has absolutely no one to turn to.  She had heard about our orphanage from people downtown, so she made her way up to us because it was the only hope she had.  Praise God He brought them to us!  We're praying about what to do with them, but we know God will give us wisdom in how to help them out.  Her daughter, Michina, is absolutely gorgeous and is one of the cutest babies i've ever seen.  I wish i knew how to help.  One of my favorite parts about living here though is when i get to find new little outfits for these children that have absolutely nothing, so I thank God I can at least help in those small little ways!

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  1. Dana - what a great opportunity and great ministry that you have. Michina is beautiful. I can imagine what a blessing it is to 'outfit' the kids. I would love that, too.