Monday, October 12, 2009


My heart breaks for these two children, America & Jameson, who attend our feeding program, and who the Manassero's have known and cared for for many years. They are both so malnourished, frail, and have never been cared for properly by their mom.  I remember going to their house three years ago and seeing America drag her bare bottom on their dirty ground to get to wherever she needed to go.  She is mentally handicapped, and has been so neglected by her mom all of her life.  However, she is such a joy to all she comes in contact with here at our orphanage.  Everyone can't help but love her frail little self with all of her zest and energy.  She's so joyful and happy and never cares what others think of her.  She is always running around, dancing, calling everyone, including the men, "maman'm!" (translated "my mom!"), and is always clinging onto us, never wanting to let us go.  She is constantly smiling and ready to give hugs and kisses to all she comes in contact with.  Though it's sometimes hard to get my work done at the feeding program when she's bouncing around everywhere, ;-) I can't help but love her so much!  Jameson, her baby brother, is such an added blessing to my life as well.  He used to cry for so long after he'd part with his mom, but now he finally trusts me enough to be content staying in my arms, which makes me so happy :)  I pray that I can love him like a mom in all my interactions with him, because these children need love so desperately!  Please be praying that their mom will learn how to love and care for her children through watching our interactions with them, and that she will come to know Jesus! 

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