Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Latest Happenings!

Pictured from left to right: Ashley, Brooke, me, Whitney
I feel so blessed to have 3 such wonderful, beautiful roommates (pictured below).  Not only have we been through an earthquake together (minus Whitney) and risen above it since then, we have also brought so much laughter to each other's lives in such chaotic times of sheer madness :), we've seen each other through the best and worst of situations, we have all been able to be there for each other to be shoulders to cry on and ears to listen, and we've all been able to share each other's wardrobes!  
I can't imagine Haiti without them.
Above:  Matt (our other housemate who has to put up with us four girls all of the time (i don't know how he does it!)) & Whitney decorating Kenny while he was sleeping at Brooke's birthday party...poor kid! ;-)

Us at our Easter sunrise service up on the mountain with some of our friends, Luke and Tyler, who lived and worked near us for 2 months. 
Below: One of our many talent shows with the kidsies (Patrick and Israel pictured below)
Below: Photos of downtown Port-au-Prince

Sarah Angelica was born a few weeks ago in the middle of the night in our clinic.  We had both a nurse (who specialized in this) and a doctor on our team at the time, so it was a huge blessing that she was born a little before her due date!  God is so good!
Photos of our muTch feeding program!  Thanks Jason for donating the Creole verse coloring books to us!

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