Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Tragedy Strikes Haiti

It's impossible for me to explain to you what it's like being here right now.  I never thought that seeing decaying flesh, broken limbs, wounded children, battered heads, and lost limbs would become so normal to me.  I never thought I would be one of the 3 main helpers in the amputation of a woman's foot at 1 a.m. last night.  I now know what it feels like to not know for sure where my meals will be coming from in the following weeks.  Our main staple now is spaghetti, rice and beans.  I now understand what it feels like not to be able to bathe whenever I want, and have water accessible at all times.  I can't explain to you what it feels like to hear each day that another loved one that's close to us here, have died underneath the rubble.  It's weird saying goodbye to my close friends as they evacuate.  Countless deaths have been accounted for.  Today the UN showed up and is camped out at our house for the day with their 5 search and rescue dogs.  Their dogs have found two dead bodies so far today in the house behind mine, and that is just the beginning of what they're going to find in these houses.  I don't understand why all of our houses, including our orphanages, are perfectly fine with only the outside walls to fix.  All i know is that God needed us to be there for all of these hundreds of people that have been brought to our clinic/"hospital."  It has been such a peaceful place here though, despite everything going on, because God is at the center of it all.  There is something about the street that we live on and the people on it right now, that is so calm and surreal amidst all of this tragedy.  It's incredible.  We know that God is present, and living, and active.  He is doing His work among these people, and He is filling them with peace and hope.  Even all of those who i have talked to who have lost their best friends, sister's, nieces, etc., are still able to say that they trust in the Lord and know that He is sovereign.  Incredible.
I praise God that He wanted me here to help the people that I love so much.  And for some reason, He has saved me from any injuries from the earthquake, and He has let us be a refuge to all of these people.  I wouldn't want it any other way than to be here suffering alongside these Haitians and to be able to relate on a deeper level because we're all experiencing it together.  Me and the rest of us who are living here wouldn't want it any other way than to be here with these people, and I praise God for that!  Though terror may go on in the night, though riots may break out, though we're still having aftershocks, though we're not entirely sure where our next food supply will come from once our spaghetti runs out, I know that I have my Jesus, and He is everything I need.

Psalm 108
My heart is steadfast, O God;
I will sing, I will sing praises even with my soul
Awake, harp and lyre;
I will awaken the dawn!
I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the people.
And I will sing praises to You among the nations.
For your lovingkindness is great about the heavens.
And your Truth reaches to the skies.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens,
And Your glory above all the earth.

To view my earthquake photos, click HERE


  1. Dana, I am an awe of your strength and spirituality. You are a strong special young lady that I wish I knew better. I am thankful that you are there to help those in need but do not forget to take care of yourself so you can continue your ministry and work. Take care and my prayers are with all of you, that goes for the rest of the Cargin family too!

    Your cousin, Rachel

  2. Dana, you are an amazing lady. Your strength is beyond words, and compassion oozes from your words. I am so thankful that there are people like you there right now, supporting and loving the people/children of Haiti. I will be thinking of you and RTing for you on twitter. Much love.

  3. How blessed I am to be your family. You are shining brighter now than any other time in your life and it brings me to tears. You are a blessing to everyone around you. I will continue to pray... we all will continue to pray.


  4. Thanks for your blog Dana. I love you and am praying for you. Jason hopes to be flying back in about two weeks when he's over he's bronchites. I thank God that He has given you peace and am so sad that I didn't get to say bye. I love you. Keep writing. Will

  5. We have been praying, too, and will keep praying. Thank you for your beautiful words and even more beautiful choices they reflect.


  6. "For I have been crucified with Christ, never the less I live, yet not I but Christ in me..." Dana, we sit in comfort here in the Pacific Northwest as our hearts and eyes are on Haiti. Praise God that your heart is His. We continue to pray for you and all those in Haiti. We pray for those things that you testify of and we rejoice that prayers are answered. Blessings to you as we continue to pray for your safety and rest. Thank you for your good heart and your faithful service. Thanks for keeping us up to date as you have time. Blessings from Kim and Penny

  7. Thanks for sharing Dana. Wow, your blog completely rocked me. As I read your blog the tears came quickly. Being a missionary sure isn't easy. I pray that the Lord will continue to protect you and give you strength as you continue to do his work in Haiti.

  8. Rejoicing in the Lord of your safty and in the Love you have for Haiti.

  9. Dana-
    I go to Hillcrest and have been following your blog. (I actually think you use to help me in the nursery?) I was so relieved to hear that you and your orphanage was ok. As I read your blog I was amazed, overwhelmed, and rejoicing all at once. I will continue to pray for your strength, your physcial wellness along with the children and people you are ministering to. Thank you for being there.
    ~Jamie McMillen

  10. Dana, I am once again amazed and convinced of God's divine plan for you to be in Haiti during this time. Your writings once demonstrate that you are in the center of God's will. It was interesting. Before I received word that you are okay, I was a bit worried/concerned..., but also had a sense that you were part of what was bring bringing, comfort, peace and hope to others. I am of course, so very glad that you are okay..., but am also glad to hear your words.
    Much love,

  11. Dana, it's a great relief to hear you are okay. My wife and I have been praying for you and the people of Haiti and will continue to do so. I so strongly admire the heart and passion you have for the people of Haiti as well as the heart you have for God. Stay strong and continue to focus on Him. -Tim Oliver

  12. Dana,

    You have such a genuine heart...I am at a loss for what to say. Thank you for sharing and know that you are in many people's thoughts and prayers. I admire your strenghth!
    Candis Nettles/Inpirom :)

  13. Danalation: It is sureal to believe that you are there and I am here. How I wish so badly I could be there enduring this with you, and yet I know His will His sovereign and perfect and we are in no place to doubt. I pray for you constatntly Dana. I know you are spreading joy in the midst of heartache, love throughout hurt, and peace in choas. It is who you are in CHrist and I am sure that now more than ever those sweet fragrances are just wafting all about you. Keep it up love! This is your daily bread, your journey and your mission. LIVE IT UP! I loved reading your blog and cannot wait until we can talk via skype to skype or hopefully face to face. I am trying to get back over there, but who knows how long that will take. Love you dearly and am so thankful for presence there with the kidsies! ~Zabs.
    Psalm 68:19 "Blessed be the Lord, God of our salvation who daily bears our burdens."

  14. Dear Dana,

    You don't know me, but I felt the need to write and say GOD BLESS YOU! What an amazing testimony you are. Gena shared your blog with a number of people and it is my hope that you will feel the many prayers being sent your way. Keep strong. Jenny

  15. We pray & we pray & we pray some more! THANK YOU for keeping us in the midst of your walk of faith. You are such an inspiration to us all & I thank God for you! Even my girls (Brighton & Julianna) are lifting you & the beautiful Hatians up in their daily prayers. Miracles, signs, & wonders WILL follow those who believe...YOU!

    We love you,
    Fawn & family :)

  16. Dana, I've missed the opportunity to serve with you, but have had the blessing to be w/Brooke in the summer....Have seen many of the pictures of you and Brooke loving on those kids....the meditation of your heart and the words of your mouth are a delight to the LORD Almighty, for HE is your refuge, your Rock and your Redeemer! We are praying for every single one of you and praying to be sent soon, if this is His will for me.
    In Christ, Carmina