Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shopping with our Feeding Program Kidsies!!

I'm just now able to sit back and relax for a bit after a long day of eating and shopping with 15 of our feeding program children. The team that's here right now wanted to make some of our feeding program children feel really special by bringing them to the market to spend $50 each on any clothes and shoes that they wanted. Nothing beats being able to pick out your own cute clothes to wear! So it was a big blessing for all of us to take part in something like this! Many of those 15 children have probably never been further than a few blocks from their homes, have never had a meal from Epidor, and i'm sure have never been able to pick out their own outfits to wear! It was so fun seeing them light up as they showed off their clothes to all of us. I really hope and pray that these children today will know how much God loves and cares for them!


  1. Dana..., How exciting for all involved! Thank you so much for posting to your blog. Each time that I read it, I am inspired by your commitment to and joy in serving those that God has given you a burden for. Blessings to you, Miss Dana.