Friday, November 20, 2009

The new way to shop...

Who needs grocery stores when you can just buy raw meat in baskets along the street?  And who needs dressing rooms when you can now just try on everything over your jeans and shirts and have all of the vendors help you put it on?

My friend Will and I, whom is one of my dearest friends here in Haiti now, have had so much fun getting out of our houses once in awhile and going shopping together at this market in Petionville where we can find the cutest things and barter the price down to basically nothing.  It's now my new favorite kind of shopping, and in my opinion, it beats anything in the states, because not only do we get things for super cheap, but everything is so cute!!  It's like shopping in Forever 21, only just the slightest difference in atmosphere...

The best part about all of it is that we get to smell the great aroma of pigs and trash and step in all of it as we make our way down the hill through the hundreds of people and merchants (vendors).  This past Saturday some of the mud splattered up on my leg and I decided not to imagine what was actually in that mud...



  1. Nice blog Dana! We definitely have to shop there again! It was nice seeing you at the feeding program yesterday. I think it's really amazing what you do there for the kids! Hope to see you Sunday! Love Will

  2. Totes cute tops at the market! :)